Conference Interpreting

We supply interpreters for conferences, meetings, international events, etc. These services can be both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. This requires technical equipment, which our company can help you arrange. This type of interpreting requires two or more interpreters, depending on the nature and duration of the job. Interpreting services must be booked well in advance.

What is consecutive interpreting?
Interpreting consecutively means that the message is presented in short sections or blocks, followed by the interpreter translating in the break between the blocks (a trial is a typical example of consecutive interpreting).

What is simultaneous interpreting?
Interpreting simultaneously means that the interpreter is translating while the message is being communicated, for example by a speaker. This is the most commonly used type of interpreting at conferences. Usually there are then two interpreters who take turns interpreting, as this type of interpreting is very demanding and requires intense concentration. Audio equipment that is suited to the task is also often used.

What equipment is required?

For small groups/meetings/small conferences who wish to limit costs:
Here, one can positively benefit from using a mobile system/mini guide system that requires little prior technical knowledge. Such systems can be hired at a daily rate. Please contact us and we can put you in touch with a hire company (we do not own the equipment ourselves).

For bigger events (major conferences held over several days with many participants and perhaps several languages):
These require the use of interpreting booths/cabins with a high technical standard in terms of microphones, transmitters, sound mixers, etc. It will be possible to record the entire conference - both video and sound. In such cases, technical staff will also be on hand who are responsible for all sound/video and for ensuring that the entire event proceeds smoothly. Please contact us and we can put you in touch with a hire company.